Tango ve Liderlik

Tango ve Liderlik


Dancing In the Moment - Being Present & Flexible in the Coaching process

CCE approved by ICF

John Leary-Joyce & Erdem Ercan


This workshop will cover the:

  1. Essential qualities of the coaching relationship
  2. Power of being present in the moment with the coachee
  3. Coach’s flexibility to be leader and follower
  4. Confidence to stay with ‘not-knowing’

We will draw on the theories, methodologies and practices of

  • Inner Game of sport, as created by Tim Gallwey 
  • Gestalt Coaching approach
  • Argentinean Tango structure and technique
  • Body awareness approaches like Yoga and Pilates
  • Concentration development by Improvisation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Visualization and Mindfulness

Link with Tango….

In Tango and Coaching the

  • Leader creates a space where the Follower wants to step into
  • Structure provides the container for improvisation and innovation
  • Environment shapes what can be created
  • Dialogue is established through attention to body language
  • Quality of flow in the dance depends on connection and empathy


In essence Tango has a very simple dance structure, one person walking forward and the other walking backwards. Similarly, coaching is essentially a simple conversation between two people one leading the other. However, from that basic form there is a wealth of tools and techniques which develop both into a wonderful complex and subtle approach that produces amazing results.


So, we will use Tango as the vehicle for exploring the nature of the coaching relationship and the controversial area of coach as follower and leader.

“Tango must be simply danced, with immense feeling, with a sense of energy flowing between the dancers. This energy grows or decreases as the music ebbs and flows. It is a private conversation, something to be quietly shared, not publicly displayed.” Bruno E. Romero - Origins of Argentina Tango

In the workshop we will outline the practical and philosophical link between Tango, and the theories and methodologies mentioned above, Then through a series of practical exercises, you will have the opportunity to really experience the essence of leading and following and the application to your coaching or leadership style. There will be plenty of opportunity to observe each other, provide coaching and discuss the implications with colleagues.

It will be insightful on a personal level and in its application to your coaching style.

We will not be concerned about gender in the leader and follower roles. Everyone will be expected to do both roles and work with same or opposite genders.  As well as being fun as you learn to dance Tango!

The ICF Core competencies addressed: 

  • Establishing the Coaching Agreement
  • Building Trust & Intimacy
  • Coaching Presence
  • Creating Awareness
  • Direct Communication   


Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding personally your feelings, mindsets and habits about leading and following and how this links to your coaching style
  • The importance of giving direction (as with interventions) which has the appropriate balance of strength and gentleness; authority and sensitivity
  • How to maintain the balance between holding form, structure & containment while allowing for emergence, creativity and innovation
  • The power and impact of being present in the moment
  • How to be confident to stay with not-knowing and be open to more options


The workshop will be valuable for both newly qualified or experienced Coaches and leaders who want to develop coaching  as a leadership style.


22 April 2017 – 09:30-17:00


Divan Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz Tesisleri


450 TL

Early  registration: 10% discount if you register until 31st of March 2017

10% discount for ICF and EMCC members

There will be 2 coffee breaks and lunch hosted by DİVAN  


By e-mail:

By phone: +90 216 687 09 77


John Leary-Joyce is a highly experienced executive coach, trainer, supervisor, presenter and EMCC UK Past President. He is founder and the president of AoEC (Academy of Executive Coaching) an international provider of accredited individual & team coach training up to Masters level.

He has been a Gestalt practitioner for 30 years so finding Tango with its emphasis on presence and physical communication in the moment, was a dream come true. 

Bodywork and body awareness has been a key part of his focus on health and wellbeing for himself and in his client work.

He has studied Tango in London with many teachers from Europe & Argentina, and danced in most cities in Europe. John has been a pioneer in linking Tango with Coaching, running workshops and conference presentations in London, Istanbul, Budapest, Prague, Dublin, Paris, Sao Paulo, Nairobi, Florida.  


Erdem Ercan is the founder of Hayatın Ritmi. He uses his Emotional Intelligence, Team Coaching (AoEC) and Body Language & micro-expressions expertise as effective tools in his coaching, trainings, consultancy and key-note speeches.

After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration, he had leadership roles in Teba, Anadolu Efes beverages group and Gilan Jewelry.  He founded Dymra which is producing and servicing on-the-go catering for tourism sector and convenience stores.  With his entrepreneurship and creativity by providing innovative solutions, he succeed in  making the business a market leader.

He qualified as a coach in 2013 and now PCC accredited with International Coach Federation. He’s coaching middle and upper managerial executives, teams and company owners. As a consultant, trainer and coach, he’s working with local and international companies.

He has been dancing Tango for 18 years and this passion lead him to live in Argentina for a period of his life. He’s an accredited Tango instructor and has been teaching Tango for 6 years in his Tango school, Tango Rocio. He incorporated his expertise areas with Tango and created a unique technique for learning Tango. Erdem uses Tango in his trainings and presentation as link for personal transformation. He has done Tango and personal development workshops in İstanbul, Budapest, London and Cyprus.

Hayatın Ritmi is the preferred partner of Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network in Turkey and carries out practice on increasing EQ competencies of both people and companies via Six Seconds methodology, tools and assessments.

His Coachees say that; he is coaching like he is dancing!