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Six Seconds 

Six Seconds 

Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Organisation


Founded in 1997, Six Seconds is the world’s first and biggest Emotional Intelligence organization devoted 100% itself to the development of EQ. Six Seconds is teaching EQ competencies for the enrichment of individuals, teams, companies, families, schools and societies.


The vision of Six Seconds is to reach 1 billion people until 2039 and to make them experience EQ competencies.


Six Seconds – to help this positive change- is conducting certification training for coaches, trainers, and leaders as to use specific tools with its original methodology and based on proof. This also includes personal and organizational assessments, case studies and publications. It has offices and partners in 25 countries; 500.000 people are within this network. 


What if a billion people were practicing emotional intelligence?


We would connect with ourselves and each other. Instead of reacting we would respond. We obtain essential skills to make careful choices. In conclusion, we would go to better.  


20  years of global experience and with detailed researches Six Seconds has proven that emotional intelligence (EQ) is necessary for the change of scientifically based skills. These skills are learnable and strengthen effectiveness, well-being, relationships and quality of life. 


Among Six Seconds clients -besides schools, non-profit organizations and people around the globe- there are companies like HSBC, P&G, FedEx, Sheraton, Shell, Sanofi-Aventis, L’oreal, Amex, U.S. Navy, Emaar, Lenovo, Qatar Airways.


The life-improving programs of Six Seconds -for schools where children like to learn, companies where people develop- do have transformative solutions and empowering people for a positive future. 


Six Seconds is the leading organization of its field with scientific reliability, training principles with deep experience, global leadership, authentic learning model, and tools.


Hayatın Ritmi, is Six Seconds’ preferred partner in Turkey.

We carry this important responsibility with honor.