Sedat Birol

Sedat Birol

Sedat Birol was born in 1955. After completing his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering at Aachen University in Germany, he received his master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at Florida Atlantic University. 

After working respectively at Bayer Türk, Process Products (USA) and ICC Chemicals (USA), he joined the Eczacıbaşı Group in 1990.

Birol served as General Manager of Eczacıbaşı Fine Chemical Products (1990-1994), General Manager of Eczacıbaşı-Baxter Hospital Supplies (1994-2001), and General Manager of Eczacıbaşı Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing (2001-2004) at Eczacıbaşı Group.

After serving as Executive Vice President in charge of Healthcare at Eczacıbaşı Group (2004-2016), Sedat Birol performed the duty of Vice President in charge of Corporate Communications at Eczacıbaşı Group from 2016 to the time he retired in October 2017.

He also represented the Eczacıbaşı Community in ISO and Turkish American Business Council (TAIK) for many years.

Birol who received his Coaching Certificate after his retirement still works as a consultant, gives speeches in various settings and carries on studies on coaching / mentoring. He also serves as a member of the Board of Bahçeşehir University’s Graduate School of Business.

Sedat Birol is married and has a daughter.