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The 2017 World EQ Summit 18-20 th November Dubai

The 2017 World EQ Summit 18-20 th November Dubai

The 2017 World EQ Summit

18-20 November 2017 DUBAI



The details of global experts at the forefront of EQ practices for companies, teams and families are at this summit...


  • Seize this rare opportunity of connecting with EQ practitioners and scholars with decades of proven experience developing and applying emotional intelligence around the world.


  • Gain essential insight about the learnable, measurable, scientific competencies of Emotional Intelligence and how those create value. Explore latest research results, breakthrough tools, case studies and best Emotional Intelligence applications.


  • Get proven approaches to drive Emotional Intelligence to increase effectiveness, develop health, strengthen relations and increase life quality.


At this summit with the participation of 40 world-leading experts for 20 countries you can explore all listed below.

  • How Emotional Intelligence create value
  • The best EQ practices in the globe
  • The strategies to drive Emotional Intelligence
  • The opportunity to connect with the forefront leaders of the world
  • To receive information about practical strategies not only as a theory but also as applications and results
  • The anwers of what is really working at the “people-side” of the business
  • Grounded in current neuroscience, translated to the real world





Erdem Ercan will be representing our country as “EQ Change Connector”and deliver his speech about “Positive change through EQ coaching and training in business life” on the 20th of November at 10.50 am.


The take-aways of his presentation are

  • The real success stories about Emotional Intelligence
    • How did EQ help these success stories?


  • What does really create the difference?



On top of, being an EQAT, Micro Expressions and Body Language expertise and having 12 years of managerial and 8 years of entrepreneurship experience he has also added over 650 hours of professional coaching experience. Erdem Ercan at the same time is one of the creators of a ICF approved “Tango & Coaching” workshop. For the motivation and synergy of teams he is using Tango and Sirtaki elements in his trainings.


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