Erdem Ercan

Erdem Ercan

Founder of Hayatın Ritmi, Erdem Ercan graduated from Adler School of Coaching in 2013. He coaches executives, teams and company owners with his PCC title and his more than 950 hours of experience. He combines his competencies such as Emotional Intelligence (EQPC&EQAC&EQAT - Six Seconds) and Body Language – Micro Expressions (ETAC&ESAC) with his 12 years of managerial and 9 years of entrepreneurship experience. He works with national and international companies with his more than 1.300 hours of training, 850 hours of consultancy and 38 hours of key-note speeches experiences. 

After graduating from Middle East Technical University, Business Administration, he performed managerial roles in Teba (1996-1997), Anadolu Efes Beverages Group (1998-2005) and Gilan Jewelry (2006-2009). Then he Founded Dymra (2009-2012), and Hayatın Ritmi Coaching-Training-Consulting (2013-…) companies.

Hayatın Ritmi is the Turkey partner of Six Seconds which is the world’s first and biggest Emotional Intelligence Organization with 165 countries, 25 offices, and 65.000 people in its network. It offers Managering-Team Coaching, Training and Consulting services based on Emotional Intelligence to create positive change on people and companies. 

He founded Dymra with his entrepreneurship in 2009. He created an innovative and well-functioning delivering system. After making the firm market leader, he sold his shares in 2012.

He managed the sales and aftersales teams (44 people) as Coordinator in Gilan Jewelry. He built an evaluation system, re-organized the sales processes and achieved to reduce the operational costs. He improved the CRM system. He increased the customer satisfaction at the rate of %100. He cared for the employees’ development.

He worked as National Key Account Manager in Anadolu Efes Beverages Group. He developed sales processes, achieved a phenomenal success while organizing annual agreements. He managed a 45 people team including Regional Key Account Managers, Field Sales, and Merch employees. He performed practices in Merch teams’ working orders and interior administration that provided lasting efficiency. The annual sales figures increased at the rate of &120 during his period of office. He succeeded in organizing wonderful launches and campaigns. 

He created the “Teamwork with Sirtaki” training program with combining his more than 20 years expertise of Sirtaki dance and his Training and Coaching experience. He and John Leary Joyce are the creators of ICF approved, CCE certificated Tango & Coaching training program which is the combination of his more than 20 years expertise of Tango dance and his Coaching experience. The participants in İstanbul loved this training so much that the training program was also practiced in London and Budapest.

Middle East Technical University, Ankara – (1990-1996)
B.Sc. , Business Administration 
Kocaeli Anatolia High School, Kocaeli – (1983-1990)

Areas of Expertise
Strategy Development, Performance Improvement, Change Management, Leadership Development, Micro Expressions & Body Language, Emotional Intelligence, Negotiation, Communication, Presentation. Motivational Key-Note Speeches.

Resilient, Proactive, Connection, Design, Visionary, Solution-Oriented, In Harmony, Emotional Insight, Collaboration, Entrepreneurship, Evaluation, Modeling, Prioritization.

6 Seconds 
2019 - Emotional Intelligence Advanced Practitioner
2016 - Emotional Intelligence Advance Trainer
2015 - Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, SEI EQ Assessor
Paul Ekman – 2015
Emotional Skills and Competencies – EsaC
Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility – EtaC
Eilert Akedemie Für Emotionale Intelligenze  – 2015
Mimik Resonanz  – Micro-Expressions Primary Education
International Coaching Federation 
PCC. Professional Certified Coach - 2018
ACC, Associate Certified Coach - 2015
Academy of Executive Coaching – 2015
International Systematic Team Coaching
Adler Central Europe – 2013
Coaching Full Program

Training, Coaching:
P&G, P&G Rusya, P&G Azerbeycan, PG Bulgaristan, Hyundai, QNB Finansbank, QNB FinansInvest, IKEA, Cochlear, Bosch, Ali Raif İlaç, Socar, Türk Philips, Çizgi Teknoloji, Ünsped Gümrük Müşvarliği, Anadolu Etap, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, D-Maris Bay, Inoksan, Novartis, Nobel Pharmaceutical, Nobel Pharmaceutical Foreign Trade, Remax Yıldız, Ford Otosan, Vertiv, Valendale, Watsons, Kariyer.net, Brandmap, IBM, Kariyer.net, L’oreal, İpekyol, Mert İnşaat, Kolcuoğlu Law, Köroğlu

AO Smith & Çizgi Teknoloji: Vision, Mision, Strategy Development, Organizational Structure Change, Sustainable Development. 

Key-Note Speeches:
JCI, Kanaltürk, +1 TV, Widex, Garanti Filo, King Fisher, Four Seasons Hotels.
Işık – Bahçeşehir – Okan – Sabancı - Giresun Universities, Mavi Umut Schools, ODTÜ İstanbul Gratuted Alumni Society
EQ World Summit – Dubai – 2017, EQ Meetings – İstanbul – April 2018, ALKEV II: Training Executions Symposium – May 2018, Çukurova University– February 2019, GOSB HR Meetings – Breaking walls in Communication – March 2019, YUDSA Congress – Authentic Leadership – March 2019, Atılım University – N- Activity – Hope and Resilience – April 2019, Coselgi Dealer Meeting – Making Difference with Effective Communication – April 2019, Testo Dealer Meeting – Journey to Target – April 2019 

Other Certifications
Outlook – Essence (Tony Wiseman)
Outlook – Essence Assistant (Tony Wiseman)
Negotiation Techniques & Workshop (MDC)
Communication with Systematic Analysis and Negotiation Techniques (MDC)
Effective Communication (TMI)
Management Competencies Development Training (DES)
Presentation Techniques (MDC)
Marketing and Brand Management (FED)
Special Customer Training (FED)
B2B Training (Yürekli)
CRM Management Training (CRM Institute)



How accurately do you blend your emotions and thoughts to produce optimum results for yourself and others?

A happy and productive life is possible when you are smart with your emotions. 8 keys to shed light on our intelligence with our emotions; with real stories and examples...


It is a difficult question when you ask it yourself: What kind of a leader am I?

A unique experience that you can see yourself and your leadership in Tango mirror. You will learn your sides that you never know in my speech, in which I share the connection between Tango and Leadership and the contribution of Tango to the leadership from a different point of view. You will have a valuable experience; in which you will discover what kind of contributions the dancing can make to your leadership.



What is it or not, the passion, which is shown as a formula of success and happiness? Well, how can we use our passions to be more successful and happy? The great power of passion ...

The passion which makes Aziz Sancar to win the Nobel Prize, or Pele to receive "Black Pearl" nickname, Ajda Pekkan to receive "Super Star" nickname, and Steven Spielberg to win "Oscar Award". And it also leads us to walk steadily through our path ... ... I will talk passionately as well!


What comes out of our mouths, what do our mimics and body language say? We may deceive ourselves but can never deceive our mimics and body language!

Reliability and consistency are the essence of the subject... The things that our mimic and body language say... What does your knowledge of reading the feelings of people around you bring you? Do you want to know where are the points, which the emotions that we are trying to hide cannot escape, in our body? Do you know the importance of "how did you say something" rather than "what did you say" for increasing communication quality in your business and private life? I am going to share with you many interesting information, which you will find all these answers and you will often benefit from.


Why the change? How does change start? What happens while you are changing? It's time to change all our perceptions about change...

Impressive stories about change ... Indeed, we accept the change of the world, but sometimes we do not see, accept, or even do not want the change in our friends, others, the company that we work at, our family or even ourselves. Sometimes we have something, which we want to change but we cannot achieve. An in-depth speech awaits you about the benefits and losses of the place where we stand on against the change.


Are you ready to listen a different approach about your company’s balance sheet?

Emotions, the factor, which we need at most for increasing our sales performance measurably, improving customer satisfaction, leadership performance, team productivity ... The key factor to be a successful company in the 21st century is "human resource". Emotions drive people, people drive performance. With real life experiences and a scientific base; the effects of emotions – that are driving performance - to the company’s balance sheet...


Having resilience and hope makes a difference in our lives. Those are two key competencies to achieve our success and goals.

How can you make your preparations to start off with hope and continue with resilience? Two of the most noteworthy topics lately ... I will talk about hope once again by taking inspiration from Nazım Hikmet, who said, "our most beautiful days are the ones, which we haven't lived yet." and I will talk about being resilient by taking inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, who said "A man who dedicated himself to a star doesn't change his mind."