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EQ Cafe 


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Would you like to discover about important skills, defining important talents and how to use all these for your care

er and success in interactive and insight providing EQ Cafés? You can attend to these workshops for getting more information about EQ and performance, EQ in school or family.

EQ Cafes are conducted throughout the world by Six Seconds EQ organization in 3 month periods. In each quarter another topic is covered in the workshops. All content and training materials are submitted by Six Seconds.

All these works are done free of charge in order to reach to Six Seconds target of reaching 1 billion people in the world by 2039.  Because we believe if many people would experience EQ the world will become a better place to live in. For this target as Hayatın Ritmi we support this vision in our country by conducting workshops, making a translation, facilitating workshops and communicating emotional intelligence.

Main gains in these workshops are:

  • To learn the basic and working definition of Emotional Intelligence
  • To answer the question of “Why EQ is important now in the world?”
  • To investigate the relation in between EQ and successful results
  • To gain perspective of EQ in different carriers
  • Which talents do you need to strengthen relationships, effectiveness, influence, quality of life and well-being of yourself, your team or your company?
  • Which talents are beneficial for an optimistic future?
  • How does your brain perceive, process and motivate?
  • How can you include EQ in your family for happier relations?

EQ Cafes that are conducted in 2016

  1. Talents for targets
  2. Communicating Brains
  3. To understand being a “refugee”
  4. Universal Children’s Day – Emotional Awareness, EQ for Relations

Who: For individuals who are interested in working on EQ for themselves or for their company/family/school as coach/trainer/ teacher

Trainer: Erdem Ercan

If you want to attend to EQ Café you can fill the for or reach us from info@hayatinritmi.com.tr