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8 Keys for a happier life with your emotions

8 Keys for a happier life with your emotions

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To live a happy and productive life you need to include your emotıons. To help you achieve this we have the perfect suggestion.


You will then;

• Be aware of your emotions, expressing and managing them for your happiness, tranquillity and performance,,

• Be aware of your behavioural patterns and transform emotions like anger, fear and stress into success and happiness,

• Increase your alternatives and enrich your life with greater potential,

• Listen to your inner voice and touch your own essence during your inner journey and include them in your happy-productive voyage,

• Hold your life’s energy! discover it, grow it and walk tomorrow more hopefully,

• Experience the attitude of positive thinking and create positive relationships,

• Understand the emotions of the people in your life, touching their feelings and creating happier, long-term strong and effective relationships in your environment,

• Specify a target that you can dedicate yourself to, that fits your personal values, feeds your emotions and enables you to take decisive steps in this direction,

A blissful and a profound process is waiting for you under the leadership of Erdem ErcanACC, Manager and Team Coach. With his 8 years of ongoing studies, Erdem is also the Turkish Partner of the “Six Seconds” organization that has been running the most extensive programmes on Emotional Intelligence around the world.

Prior to the training you will undertake an assessment test that shows your brain profile and emotional intelligence competencies. You will receive this report when you join the training. The results of this highly regarded and well accepted assessment, using the global Emotional Intelligence Competency Measurement, will provide a scientific base for your learning.  

We will be working on 1-2 competency areas each week and the whole training will last for 6 weeks. Our training system has been configured on experiential learning which means you will have the chance to apply your learning in your day to day life. 


• You will have a trip to the deepness of your emotional and visionary world and discover your inner potential by the help of our Special activities and Improvisation exercises.

• You will make contact with your masculine and feminine energies and experience to manage them with the basic steps of Tango by taking the advantage of its philosophy.

• You will increase your concentration skills and adapt your brain frequencies to stay on the moment of now by our Meditation and Breath techniques.

We are inviting you to join this 6 weeks journey for a happier and more productive life.

To participate or for detailed information, you can call 0544 584 26 76 or e-mail

When: 7 March 2016 , 13:00-16:00 

Where: Yaşamla Bir
Suadiye Plaj Yolu Çıkmazı, Dr. Mürüvet Apt. 16/1, Kadıköy

2016-03-07 13:00:00