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EQ CAFE 2 - Brains for Communication @İzmir

EQ CAFE 2 - Brains for Communication @İzmir

Join this free emotional intelligence workshop - use your brain style to better connect with others!

Communication is challenging - especially when people see one situation in so many different ways. We get caught in “being right” and judging others, and quickly conversation falls apart. In a world with so much dissention and disagreement, can’t we just talk to one another? It’s much easier when we understand how people’s brains are different and how that influences their communication style. 

You will get a free “Brain Brief Profile” and learn:
●    Why communication gets derailed and how to get it back on track
●    How your “Brain Style” helps and hinders your communication
●    How the Brain Brief Profile can be used to introduce key emotional intelligence skills

Who: Anyone interested in practicing emotional intelligence — for themselves, at work/home/school or as a coach/trainer/educator.

What: Free workshop

When: 10 May 2016 - 19:30

Where: Liman Psikoloji Atölyesi

1404 Sokak No:5 Daire:2 Mimarsinan Mahallesi Alsancak/İZMİR

How: Save your space by registring free : or  call us from +90 537 777 55 31

2016-05-10 19:30:00