EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @İstanbul

EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @İstanbul

2016-05-06 17:29:01

We’ve – as Turkey partner of Six Seconds - organized EQ Cafe “Brains for Communication” in METU Alumni Association on 2 May 2016. EQ Cafes are created by Six Seconds and they are perfect for reaching more people practicing emotional intelligence. We had wonderful time with 37 participants in this 1,5 hour workshop with full content. Participants said that they’ve met with EQ for the first time and this workshop has created new awareness for them.

Interactive content, Brain Brief Profile and Six Seconds’ EQ Development Model have been very important tools and guides to work on brain styles and their roles on communication.

Some of the feedback from our participants:

  • We had a chance to ask ourselves the questions that we don’t have time during our Daily routine. We have discovered keys to better understand ourselves and people around us. The sky got dark but we didn’t understand how time has passed. This is because of our trainer and the content J
  • It was a useful workshop for my daily and work life. Our trainer was masterful, and he was very successful creating awareness with appropriate examples and exercises.
  • Workshop was very well-planned. IT was very successful to sum up this extensive subject in a short time.  It was very nice to get to know myself benefiting from the experiences of other people. It was very clear from the narration of our trainer that he’s full of knowledge.
  • Workshop was very inspirational for me. I saw that Erdem Ercan has leaded the group very skillfully. Creative ideas had come up and this make the 2 hour very effective.
  • Very beautiful sharing atmosphere to learn and develop my brain style.
  • It was good to increase awareness with practical exercises instead of a theoretical training. Our trainer was kind and caring, also he was leading the workshop with activities and leading the participants to involve in.  
  • Content was prepared very professionally and delightful.


We are happy to include 37 people practicing EQ to the vision of Six Seconds. We are getting ready to organize this quarter’s EQ Café to the other cities in Turkey.


Brains for Communication

Free Brain Brief Profile

10 May İzmir Liman Psikoloji Atölyesi @Alsancak

25 May İstanbul Yaşamla bir @Suadiye


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