EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @Ankara

EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @Ankara

2016-07-24 19:17:29

We’ve – as Turkey partner of Six Seconds - organized EQ Cafes in METU Alumni Assoc. and also in İzmir. We’ve organized the last one in Ankara with 28 participants in “Yaşam family consulting center”. EQ Cafes are created by Six Seconds and they are perfect for reaching more people practicing emotional intelligence.

Interactive content, Brain Brief Profile and Six Seconds’ EQ Development Model have been very important tools and guides to work on brain styles and their roles on communication.

Some of the feedback from our participants:

  • This workshop enables to internalize the EQ with exercises. Our trainer was energetic, well equipped. He was motivating.
  • This workshop provided a new point of view. I’ve acquires practical and applicable ideas.
  • It has been a very delighting workshop. I’ve had information that I’ll be able to use all my life and created an awareness. Our trainer was positive and successful with his fluent expression.
  • This workshop enables to learn our brain inclinations and to change and develop them.
  • This workshop will help me on every level of my life. Thank you. I’ve known myself better.
  • I believe that this workshop will have positive feedbacks for us. It will be beneficial to know each other and develop.

We are happy to include 28 more people practicing EQ to the vision of Six Seconds. We’ll continue to bring EQ Cafés to you.


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