EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @ İzmir

EQ Cafe – Brains for Communication @ İzmir

2016-06-04 10:03:55

We’ve – as Turkey partner of Six Seconds - organized EQ Cafe “Brains for Communication” in İzmir with Six Seconds Network Leader Özlem Demirci on 10 May 2016. EQ Cafes are created by Six Seconds and they are perfect for reaching more people practicing emotional intelligence. We had wonderful time with 35 participants in this 1,5 hour workshop with full content. Participants are from very different backgrounds. We were happy to have them in different age groups, business people, students, psychologists and so on. Participants said that they’ve met with EQ for the first time and this workshop has created new awareness for themselves and also communication.

Content of the workshop is very interactive and scientific-based.  Interactive content, Brain Brief Profile and Six Seconds’ EQ Development Model have been very important tools and guides to work on brain styles and their roles on communication.

Some of the feedback from our participants:

  • Both of the facilitators are very successful. I was very happy that they were warm and sincere. We are expecting the continuation of these workshops. Effective communication techniques increased my awareness to another level. I’ve learned, how I can understand people who are thinking differently.  And later on how can I control the communication.
  • I’ve stayed focused without ever getting bored. Group exercises were very fun and educational. It was a beneficial training as it gives a chance to work with different people and thoughts.
  • It was a very successful workshop. I’d like to attend more workshops like these.
  • It has created awareness on communication. I like it as it provided to communicate with different people.
  • Exercises, sharings and interactive feedbacks increased the chance to be memorable.
  • It was very beautiful and comprehensive. Being interactive was very reinforcing.
  • Both Özlem and Erdem are very dynamic, energetic and their knowledge and approaches are very good. Thank you for creating awareness on some issues that I’m not aware of yet.

We are happy to include 35 people practicing EQ to the vision of Six Seconds. We’ll continue to bring EQ Cafés to you.

If you’d like to attend to EQ Café, or you already has attended to EQ café and want to learn more about EQ, we’re always here!


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